Modern, Healthy & Sustainable… By Design

As a design based Real Estate Development firm, the objective for the past 12 years has been unwavering: Cool and Green Architecture. Our approach to the built form is to insure an honest functioning house that focuses on responsible product choices, durable construction techniques and healthy living spaces.

Each new project allows us to evolve our intuition for designing clean Modernist Homes at a value-orientated price tag without sacrificing quality or unique details. Success has been based on a simple recipe of experience, total team collaboration and a passion to do things right.

Surfside Differences

  • Certifications like LEED AND CAL GREENPOINT RATED , are nationally recognized third party or independent audit rating systems. Non-biased industry professionals performs the checklists that confirms our best building practices.  Giving home buyers another layer of confidence knowing we have built to a high Green Standard above normal codes.
  • Current Home Owner’s references
  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Time taken to properly design and construct each project – slow is good attitude
  • Energy Efficiency: Above code levels of insulation and air tight building envelopes means less dollars spent over time on an over engineered and expensive Heating or cooling system
  • High efficient products: LED lighting, Energy Star appliances = lower hydro/gas bill
  • Low water flow toilets and bath fixtures = decrease in water utilities costs
  • Passive Design features that provide benefits at no charge and no maintenance issues: ie. large overhangs to prevent Solar heat gain & water egress, window locations can supply more abundant Natural light (less need to turn on a light switch) and allows opportunities for cross ventilation for cooling purposes
  • Choosing Locations close to schools, Safe streets, Public transportation and close access to daily amenities

Awards & Recognitions

  • 2010: Canada Green Building Council’s highest rated LEED Platinum House in Canada
  • 2010: Slow Home Project’s Best Single Family Residence in Vancouver (for The Shore House)
  • 2011: Built Green™ Finalist in two categories (for The Shore House)
  • 2011: Environmental Stewardship Award for outstanding contributions to the community, presented by the city of North Vancouver
  • 2015: City of Encintas Green Building Award for the Cal Green Point rated project – Mellow Yellow House